Intercent-ER - Regional Agency for the development of electronic markets


Emilia-Romagna’s System for Telematic Purchases (SATER) is the e-procurement platform developed and managed by Intercent-ER.

Active since 2015, the System is able to manage:

  • every kind of tendering procedure (tenders above and below the EU threshold, competitive dialogues, requests for offers within the Electronic Market, etc.)
  • every kind of awarding criteria (lowest price, most advantageuos offer, etc.)
  • autonomous use by every kind of Public Administration

Since May 2016 all tenders called by Intercent-ER have been entirely managed through SATER.

Furthermore, regional Public Administrations can autonomously use SATER in order to call for their own tenders and requests for offers within the Electronic Market.

Economic operators who intend to use SATER to apply for a tender must register with the System.


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