Intercent-ER - Regional Agency for the development of electronic markets

Tender notices

In this section it is possible to examine the calls for tenders published in SATER by Intercent-ER and the other Public Administrations registered to the System. 

Please note that:

  • only "open calls for tenders" (i.e. above EU threshold) and specific tenders based on Dynamic Purchasing Systems are available in this public area, whereas other kinds of tenders (i.e. negotiated procedures or requests for offers in the Electronic Market) are only available in the SATER private area, under the menu item "Miei Inviti" (My Invitations)
  • tender notices and their related documents are available only in Italian.

In order to easily find a specific tender notice in this area, use the TENDERS SEARCH ENGINE [in Italian].


               Bandi aperti link              

             Bandi in corso - link            

             Bandi chiusi - link             


              Bandi aperti link              

            Bandi in corso - link              

              Bandi chiusi - link            



  • Aperti (Open): the deadline for the submission of offers has not expired
  • In corso (In progress): the submission deadline has expired but the tender has not yet been awarded
  • Chiusi (Closed): awarded tenders


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