Intercent-ER - Regional Agency for the development of electronic markets

About Intercent-ER

Intercent-ER is Emilia-Romagna’s agency for the development of electronic markets. Completely funded by the Regional Government and active since 2005, Intercent-ER acts as the central purchasing body for regional Public Administrations, manages an eProcurement system and develops innovative approaches to public tenders.

 Intercent-ER's main goals are to:

    • rationalize and optimize public spending on goods and services
    • improve the efficency of procurement processes
    • promote the use of digital negotiation tools and services
    • increase the quality of goods and services used by public bodies
    • raise market competitiveness

As the central purchasing body, Intercent-ER tenders for aggregate public contracts and, through the regional System for telematic purchases (SATER), offers several e-procurement services, such as Framework Contracts, an Electronic Market and Dynamic Purchasing Systems.

Furthermore, regional Public Administrations can autonomously use SATER in order to call for their own tenders and to ask for offers within the Electronic Market.

In order to apply for a tender in SATER, Economic operators must register with the System.

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