Intercent-ER - Regional Agency for the development of electronic markets

About Dynamic Purchasing Systems

Dynamic Purchasing Systems (SDA) are electronic acquisition processes for goods and services whose characteristics are generally available on the market and respond to the needs of a contracting authority. 
An SDA is open for its entire duration to any economic operator that meets the qualification criteria.

How they work

Intercent-ER's Dynamic Purchasing Systems are divided into the following phases:

  1. Intercent-ER establishes an SDA, publishing a qualification call;
  2. the interested economic operators request admission to the SDA;
  3. Intercent-ER admits the eligible economic operators to the SDA;
  4. Intercent-ER invites all the admitted economic operators to submit offers for each specific tender;
  5. Intercent-ER awards the contract after a competitive dialogue.


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